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If you are interested in viewing information about the past results obtained by our attorneys, please read and acknowledge the information below. The information in this section contains descriptions of our past results and statements regarding the quality of our law firm’s services.

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Case: State vs. C.C. – DUI

Charge: Driving under the Influence

Description: Client charged with driving under the influence after alleged erratic driving and “poor performance” on field sobriety exercises.

Case: Went to trial and client was found Not Guilty.

Outcome: Not Guilty.

Case: State vs. M.M. – Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon

Charge: Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon

Description: Client charged with possession of a firearm in a case where there were pieces of an unassembled antique firearm found under a bed in client house. State failed to list an expert to testify on whether the firearm was indeed operable, or able to be assembled. The State then attempted to list the officer who responded to the scene as a firearm expert. Mr. Dunn objected and sought a Richardson Hearing regarding State failure to list expert witness prior to trial. The Judge found there was a Richardson violation and granted Defense request to suppress officer testimony as expert testimony. Mr. Dunn then moved for a Judgment of Acquittal at conclusion of State’s case and was granted the Judgment of Acquittal. After spending the previous five months incarcerated on these charges that he always strenuously attested to his innocence, the client walked out of the courtroom that day.

Outcome: Judgment of Acquittal.

Case: State vs. K.J. – Possession of a Controlled Substance & DUI

Charge: Possession of a Controlled Substance and DUI

Description: Client charged with possession of a controlled substance and dui after being detained by police officers who arrived on scene to find client asleep in her car. The officers conducted an illegal seizure of client and client property. Mr. Dunn filed a Motion to Suppress pursuant to the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment of Constitution of the United States asking the Judge to suppress any evidence found on client’s person. The Motion to Suppress was granted, and the all evidence was suppressed, thus leaving the State with no evidence.

Outcome: Case dismissed. All charges dropped.

Case: State vs. D.R. – Murder

Charge: Murder

Description: Client charged with second degree murder. Mr. Dunn, as co-counsel at trial, worked to defend client from murder charges stemming from an accidental shooting incident. The State failed to produce sufficient evidence to convict client of murder and defense moved for a Judgment of Acquittal at conclusion of State case. The Judge granted the motion and acquitted the client of the murder charge, leaving only the lesser included charge of manslaughter to be decided by the jury, thus reducing the client’s potential exposure from life in prison.

Outcome: Judgment of Acquittal granted – Not enough evidence to convict on Murder charge.

Case: State vs. T.A. – Principal to Robbery (Firearm or Deadly Weapon)

Charge: Principal to Robbery with a Firearm or Deadly Weapon (5 separate cases)

Description: Client charged with allegedly “driving” perpetrator of a string of armed robberies. Attorney Dunn conducted an investigation prior to case moving past the Case Management phase and secured a dismissal on all five cases on which client charged.

Outcome: Case dismissed. All charges and cases dropped.

Case: State vs. I.B. – Traffic Ticket

Charge: Non-criminal traffic infraction

Description: Client charged with speeding. Mr. Dunn contested the charge in court and obtained a withhold of adjudication, thereby saving extremely valuable points on client license and potentially lots of money in insurance premiums.

Outcome: Withhold of Adjudication. No Points Assessed to Driver’s License.