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Non-Criminal Traffic Tickets

There are two types of traffic tickets: non criminal violations or criminal traffic violations.

Non-criminal traffic infractions include speeding tickets, vehicle equipment violations and driving while license suspended without knowledge. You will not face jail for these infractions but you may incur a hefty fine and points assessed against your driver’s license.

Don’t Let This Ruin Your Record

In Florida, if you get too many points on your license in a given period, you could lose your privilege to drive for up to one year. If you get stopped driving during the suspension, you may be arrested and have your license revoked.

If you have a special class license (such as a CDL for commercial truck drivers) and you pay a ticket, you can lose that license, which means losing your job.

You may face higher auto insurance premiums in addition to the fines and suspensions. Your insurance company may terminate your coverage after too many traffic violations.

Call Mr. Dunn to contest the ticket in court and potentially keep the charge off of your driving record, or negotiate a sentence where no points are assessed against your license, thus saving you a ton of money on auto insurance.

Did You Already Pay Your Ticket?

Even if you’ve already paid your ticket, it may not be too late to reverse it. Call Mr. Dunn at 941-866-4352 to schedule an appointment to speak with him regarding your ticket.