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Avoid Reckless Driving with These Tips

by | Dec 20, 2018 | Florida DUI

There are ways to avoid reckless driving, which is any driving which disregards the safety of other drivers or pedestrians and can result in both legal and civil consequences. Reckless drivers can face fines, loss of their license, or even jail for the most egregious offenses. If you have ever felt inclined to drive recklessly, consider these tips to avoid the situations leading to this driving behavior:

Leave early — Reckless driving can occur if a person is running late, and feel they need to be reckless or speed to make up lost time. Plan to leave earlier and your driving becomes normal and less stressful.

Obey the laws — It is important to obey traffic laws, they are there for a reason. You are much less likely to drive recklessly or get into an accident if you simply follow the laws that are there for everyone’s safety.

Avoid road rage — Driving stress can occur anytime, and the behavior of other reckless drivers can make you angry or reckless yourself. Don’t fall into this trap — slow down, take a few deep breaths, and let the reckless driver move on to annoy others.

Texting and Driving in Sarasota

Eliminate distractions — Get rid of food and drinks, leave the radio alone, and don’t pick up your mobile phone to check that message or email. Distractions can cause you to speed, drift into another lane, or hit another vehicle when you aren’t paying attention to the road. Keep all the other activities for when you leave the car…just drive.

Don’t tailgate — Following too closely to the vehicle ahead can cause accidents by not having enough time to avoid the vehicle ahead if they must stop quickly. Give yourself some room to avoid accidents.

Don’t drink and drive — Even if you only drink a little your judgment can be impaired, and you can drive more recklessly or become less attentive. Make arrangements for a ride if you plan to drink.

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