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A Criminal Conviction Can Impact Your Career

by | Jun 19, 2022 | Criminal Defense

If you are facing criminal charges you might feel the most important considerations are for your upcoming case. You may also be tempted to plead to lesser charges to avoid missing time from work if you are employed. There are unfortunately some long-term consequences to consider if you believe missing time from your job is the most important issue.

You could lose your job — A conviction on a felony charge or even some misdemeanors could result in termination from your current job. Many companies and industries will not hire or retain people with criminal records. Many companies have clauses written in their employee contracts that permit them to terminate employees if they are convicted while working for those companies. Pleading guilty to lesser charges may not eliminate the risk of losing your job, especially if your company still believes you are guilty of the more serious original charges.

If you think not telling your current employer is the best option, this could also result in your termination. Failure to notify them of a conviction can be cause for termination, and some employers run background checks on their employees as part of their annual employee reviews. Your conviction could also be reported by another employee or the company could read about it in a local newspaper.

If affects your future employment — A criminal conviction will follow you around well into the future. Many companies will not hire anyone with a criminal record. Moving to another state to avoid a criminal record rarely works in today’s world of digital record keeping. The consequences of a criminal conviction can impact you for years to come.

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